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They may speed through sequential relationships, struggling to experience feelings of self-esteem when alone (damaged self perceptions can lead a person to think that they are only worth something if someone loves /wants them).They often struggle to determine what they want or who they are, and instead of searching for this they abandon themselves, electing instead to only have an identity in relation to being wanted by another person.The addict is "dependent" on a partner for validation, a pattern which may hold sufferers in abusive relationships, or lead them to coerce or bully their partner into satisfying their needs.In place of intimacy you'll often find obsessive behaviours and risk taking, fear, confusion, paranoia of abandonment, and abandonment of self-interest.It is to help you deal with your feelings and experiences and help you take care of yourself whether or not the addict in your life seeks his or her own recovery.The list of questions found here on S-Anon's website can help you decide if S-Anon is for you.SLA is the same as any other addiction, according to those who offer therapy for it.It is - much like alcoholism - characterised by compulsive behaviour, repeated in spite of negative consequences.

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Through their need to constantly be enveloped in those intense feelings.

We know it should relate to and represent closeness, warmth, security, sensuality and intimacy.