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Strange how the board was still known as "The British Railways Board" long after the name British Rail came into use.If I recall the British Railways rebranding took place around 1965 and included the change of name, the both ways logo and a typeface- Rail Alphabet.It would be helpful if someone could post the date on which BR changed its name, then we might have a firmer basis for saying which name should be used.

I remember being taken to Matlock on summer Sundays and I loved to travel on these, which were always kept in beautiful condition.

Far too many people, particularly those working for various media, who claim great education, research and gravitas, daily project errors onto the airwaves, into print and on line.

Given their standing and the widespread unthinking acceptance by the public of what they read and hear, especially from rolling news and internet sites such as Wikipedia, historians and researchers of future generations are going to have their work cut out to reach the truth. I’m not sure that anyone is being accurate actually. The date it was photographed with BR is as yet unknown.

While it is somewhat misleadingly put as British Rail 1949, the year is actually referring to the AEC Regal III/Weymann build date.

If you look closely at the side of the bus it is sporting the double arrow logo of British Rail and would have been taken sometime after 1965 hence on this occasion British Rail is the correct terminology.

Wasn’t the Sheffield Midland-Tinsley staff shuttle worked subsequently by SUT (using East Midland buses on summer Saturdays, when all SUT’s coaches would be in demand), and then by Booth & Fisher?