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The Ska Date software was first developed in 2004 by Skalfa LLC (formerly Skalfa e Commerce).Mobile dating applications developed by a third-party were added in 2012.The lowest versions required to run the software are PHP 5.3, Apache2, and My SQL 5.0.The software architecture is written in the way to allow on-the-fly extension with native and third-party plugins available in the Oxwall Store. You can now go on a date by using the tinder clone mobile dating app from app builder Appy Pie.By using Tinder clone, you can build dating umpire for your mobile yourself.Imagine being at the top of the search engines for your new dating website in Google or Yahoo for your specific niche? Dream Co Design has been recognized as one of the best web design companies in the industry.

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Most of the dating websites we develop are packed with robust features like beautiful looking user profiles, gallery systems, advanced searching, on-site mail systems, admin panel management tools, and more. Once the website is done we can even help you out with marketing the website.We also spend time with you in discussing the dating website's niche to make sure you have an angle on the industry worth pursuing.Simply put, your business' success is important to us.After going through 9 stable versions as a stand-alone software product, Ska Date switched to Oxwall platform in 2014.

In-house developed native i OS application replaced the third-party one late in 2014, with Android application released in the beginning of 2015.This can be an absolute different experience where you can meet the kind of person you want to. left or right, you can like as well as dislike a person.

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