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If your partner blanches and looks panicked at the suggestion that something could be wrong and you want to have a discussion, take away that fear by promising a time limit. '" By letting your partner know he's not going to be stuck there all night having a fight, you can probably get his attention by promising a finite discussion such that you can come to a solution and move on with your life. You probably don't outwardly fight but instead carry around the emotional equivalent of The Hunger Games (i.e., may the strongest partner with the most resolve win); as a result, you're spending a lot of time in mute conflict."If your mate tunes out after a while, don't change your mate, change yourself -- prepare your thoughts and have a solution in mind before you broach the subject," says Puhn. You're the pair people start to avoid at dinner parties because there is always this obvious underlying tension, but by this point, you're probably barely speaking to each other.

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" What this does is give you more information and allows you to see your partner's side of the issue.

Because you're more reactive than cooperative, you need to take a time-out from fight-or-flight mode and shift into thinking mode if you don't want to keep rehashing the same issues (and breaking more china). The We-Agree-On-Everything Twins "We're so similar, we never argue! If your gut starts to tell you otherwise, don't be afraid to speak up.

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