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Jerome translated Matthew as: "Do penance, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Erasmus translated as: "Be penitent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Erasmus was also a strong defender of both Mark 16:9-21 and John 8:1- 12.He had courage, integrity, and faithfulness, which modern day scholars cannot seem to find.He was convinced that sound doctrine, preaching righteousness, and having the scriptures available to the common man and masses, was needed to regenerate Europe.He believed that Christian principles of the scriptures needed to be applied frankly and fearlessly to the administration of public affairs in Church and State.

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The Roman Catholic Church knew this could be dangerous to its plan to control the masses.

In addition to England and France, he lived for different lengths of time in Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland.

The social context of the fight between the abuses of corrupt court noblemen and the values of equality among all human beings embedded in foreign Christian teachings was also part of that time period.… continue reading »

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Noi stam in continuare cu ochii pe vremuri noi tara vanduta strainilor cu fabrici demolate pentru malluri grotesc de chicioase si ce a mai rams s-a transformat in club satanist cu iesirea dintr-un container pe o usa de 80 de centimetrii , GRIJA FATA DE OM este neseminificativa,banii produsi din exploatarea spatiului a rams pe pozitie ,pretul face muzica.....… continue reading »

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